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The word “computer” was first used in the 16th Century to describe a human being performing calculations. This remained as it is until the 19th century – In 1946 the first computer was successfully installed called the ENIAC (Electronic, Numerical, Integrator, and Calculator). Since then technology has evolved with leaps and bounds. The dawn of the electronic age has remained constant and made life easy for humankind across different industries

Several industries benefiting from telecommunications, mechanics, automation, robotics, industrial & applied science have been the backbone of the I.T and computer industries and in turn, have impacted its growth leading to evidential statistics of human dependability on machinery – which we now refer to as AI (Artificial Intelligence). The bottom line being, just like any industry, the I.T and Computer sectors also require a definitive logo, with almost the same attributes of messaging, embodiment, targeting specific audience rounding clientele on national and international parameters. The Computer and I.T logo design setup are quite significant for the owners of multinational corps or even a small computer shop- Why? – Mostly because standardization is a major factor amongst competitors in the I.T sector. A logo will not only speak volumes of who you are & what you are providing but also the exceptional standards set up by your organization to serve the masses with your product and its supply.

Computer and I.T Custom Logo Design – Predominant Factor

Change and transformation go hand in hand. It’s as simple as a tablet in the medical industry. One disease and several medicines, but only one remains effective. A day, week, or month passes by and another tablet in the market approved by the Medical Authorities proving to be the next best thing out there. – In the same manner, having a “disc”, “U.S.B”, or a graphic card on your business image might upset the trendsetting, remembrance quality it possesses. Instead, a professional Computer and I.T Logo Design must portray the final image, motto of the company that remains predominant in any advanced technological age

You may revamp the colors and graphics of a logo, but to change the whole image itself is to show a lack of dedication and weakness in the principles of an organization. A Computer and I.T Logo Design can either make or break the view of the preceptor.
The use of Abstract, Vector Images will bring out the messaging factor of your organization. A logo must be able to do all the talking without typography of any sort at first.

Computer and I.T Logo Design – Information Technology

To develop a logo that depicts pace, constant transgression of technology, attractive and a vivid, yet unique corporate identity – certain elements are a contributing factor.


To play with the consumer mind, colors are the best weapons in a designer’s arsenal, especially for a Computer & I.T logo design. Most colors like black, blue, green, red, and orange psychologically communicate with customers and their interactive patterns, by depicting strength, viability, endurance, trust, and efficiency.


Different fonts denote distinguished meanings. To ensure that the font is readable yet lucrative to a viewer, a non-serif font such as Arial or Verdana is mostly used. However, with a bolder approach, one may use Times New Roman as well, as long as the message is decipherable on a mouse pad to that of a banner.

Computer and I.T Logo Design – Traits & Games

The trend to pursuit technology has an equal effect on the maintenance and pursuit of security. Most companies would like the world to know that their products, solutions, and services are the most secure, to build a strong clientele. Most corporate giants instill the same emotions via branding and marketing their products. What would set a company apart? A more appealing computer and I.T logo design depicting everlasting strength and security.

Another field that the I.T and Computer Logo Design impacts is the gaming industry which has a long list of clientele and is ever-growing. Game companies and developers depict images and graphics on their immediate logo to entice their client’s perspectives and choices.

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